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     Our online community is complimentary, to help young athletes find any basketball info they need as easy as possible. It first started out as a pay-based recruiting service. But then we thought, "Why not make it free? It's hard enough just being a ball player these days". Our goal remains the same though: To get athletes recruited. As a matter of fact, we depend on it. Therefore, we are offering everything we can; not only get you seen by the coaches, but to help you get better.

  • Online profiles- Photos and updated stats so coaches can keep track of your progress. Here is an example of what the profiles look like.

  • Fully edited videos- Video you submit can be edited to include your game time statistics. Send us your videotapes and we will copy them on VHS tape or Video CD for the coaches and scouts to view if they decide to order a tape of you. To entice them, a snippet of your tape will be seen on your personal profile (see profile example above).

  • Individual Instruction- Drills, exercises and techniques designed to improve:

    Ball Handling
    Vertical Jump

    • Camp info- Dates, locations, and fees of camps around the nation to show off your skills.

    • College Deadlines- Application, Financial Aid (FAFSA) deadline information and more.

    • Online store- order supplies, electronics and more from our online stores.

    • Control- You control what others will see on your site by telling us what to put onto it. Also, learn who has expressed interest in you by receiving email directly from your profile.

    It's Like Camp, But Better

    How much have you spent or will you spend to attend camps: $200, $300, or more? What guarantees do you have that you will play your best? How many coaches will see you in action? With VirtualHoopssm, it's like having a good showing every single time. How? Because you send us the footage to show to the coaches: your best games! Most camps last a few days to a week with maybe about twenty coaches or scouts attending. Here, coaches are able to see you play all year. We are marketing to hundreds of colleges across the nation to take part in making your dreams a reality.

    Take Charge Of Your Future

    Don't wait around and hope someone will discover you. Don't wish the coaches had seen the best game of your career. Take control. Subscribe to VirtualHoops and let your game do the talking.

    Have the control you want with all of the features we offer for absolutly FREE.

    Getting started is easy. Click the button below and fill out the form. Then send these two things:

    *Video of your best game along with stats for that game and the name of the opposing school,
    *A good photo of yourself for your profile.

    That's it!! Click below to get started.

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