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Before sending any tape to us, the first thing you need to do is find the best cilps of your athletic performance. It sounds simple but you have to remember that in even some of your worst games, you may have performed some of your most impressive moves. A highlight tape is just that, a collection of impressive things about yourself. Make sure that the games you choose were recorded at the best possible quality. We can do alot with video but one rule remains constant:

Good quality in, Good quality out. Bad quality in, Bad quality out.

Next, document which sections (from each tape) you would like on the highlight tape. You can do this by time stamp (at what time it happened in the video).

Tape- 1.
Timecode- 3:21
Description- Cross-over dribble. Good example of ball handling.

Tape- 3.
Timecode- 1:47
Description- Block. Example of defense and athletic ability.

Doing all this IS NOT necessary but I have found that a lot of parents want to know EXACTLY what the results will be. Some parents just give us three to six tapes and say, "Do what it is you do". That is ok too.

To get the production rolling, do this:

    1. Package the total number tapes you want to use for the highlight tape along with the documentation sheet.
    2. Enclose a check or money order for the price amount that correspondes with the number of tapes.
    3. Mail the package to:

    c/o Chris Duckworth
    212 Preston Park Drive
    Duluth, GA 30096

If you are located in Atlanta, GA, we can arrange a pick-up at your daughter's high school to negated having mail them.

The turnaournd time is 7-10 days, for highlight tapes, from the time I receive the package. These are real days, not just business days (we work on weekends too).

Tapes are generally not returned, unless special circumstances arise.

I hope this was helpful. If you need anymore information that you could not find on the site, feel free to email me again and I will be happy to answer.

Christopher Duckworth

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