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Single Game Editing Options
     If you chose Single Game Editing, you can choose to personalize your Single Game tape so that only your stats are tallied during the game and only your name is shown when scoring takes place. Every other players' number will only be shown when they score and their stats will not be tallied. This option is automatic with an Exposure Package but is optional here. Or you can have full stats shown, where every statistic is tallied for every player.
Which would you like? Personalized Full Statistics

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Highlight Tape Options
     If you chose Highlight Tape Production, the general flow of the video will display offense (shooting and ballhandling) first, then defense (man-to-man and team), and finally rebounding. If this is ok, choose 'Default' below. Otherwise, state how you would like your video to flow.
Default:       Other: specify video flow:

Exposure Package Options
     If you chose an Exposure Package, use the space below to specify which colleges you would like to send you video packages to. If you chose the Gold Package, only fill in the top three spaces. The rest will be ignored. Don't worry about their addresses, we have them.

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