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     Welcome to VirtualHoops, where it's all about basketball. We specialize in basketball tape editing, highlight tapes and video exposure packages for athletes wishing to move on to the next level or just to have a really cool video of themselves in action. And, if you are looking for information on training, recruiting, camps and more, look no further.
Our VirtualHoops Recruiting Community has you covered.
     To find out more about how you can get your game tapes professionally edited, click on the links below or to the left! Want to know more about the recruiting community, read on!!!

     Professionally edited tapes of you in action. You can have your best single game edited to include game-time statistics as you make them, just like televised games. These game tapes keep running totals of the statistical categories: Points, shots, rebounds, steals and more.

     High quality and exciting highlight tapes created from your best games: Combine the "best of the best" from up to six of your highest quality VHS tapes. Turn them into the most entertaining representation of your skills on the court.

     Market yourself to college coaches with specialized exposure packages designed to maximize your visibility and showcase your skills! If you are trying to get the attention of colleges coaches, video is the only way to go. Most of the smaller D-I, D-II, D-III, NAIA, and Junior Colleges simply don't have the budget to fly around to see you play. Bring your game to them!


     We also feature an online basketball community designed to give basketball players all the resources they need to help them get better and possible make some dreams come true along the way. Whether a high-school sophomore trying to break the starting line-up on varsity or a high flying street ball junky, there is something here on VirtualHoops for everyone who hoops. Best of all, our online community is absolutely FREE.

  • Training information to get your game top notch.
  • The online profiles with photos of yourself and highlight clips of you in action (from your tapes) designed to showcase your skills, updateable 24 hours a day.
  • Information on how to get into the best off-season camps and much, much more.

     Our online community is complimentary, to help young athletes find any basketball info they need as easy as possible. It's shaping up to a regular hang-out for a lot of the talent around the country. Is it because of all of the training information on how to improve their verticals, ballhandling, speed and shooting? Is it because the players on VirtualHoops love their online profiles that feature actual video clips of themselves doing what they do best? Or is it because of the growing database of college coaches becoming involved with VirtualHoops as a source for talent for them? Nope, it's because all of that and more is absolutely FREE.

If you're a player or parent and you want more information, check it out HERE.

     If you're a Coach and you want be apart, check it out HERE.


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